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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

predictions about money in the bank ppv

 Money in the Bank PPV Preview!

WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS SETH ROLLINS & ROMAN REIGNS VS. THE USOS (KICKOFF MATCH) - The Shield haven't been booked like they usually are the last few weeks. I feel they've been booked pretty poorly and even starting to look a lot weaker, it doesn't make much sense that Shield can beat so many main eventers then lose to Usos so I imagine Shield will pick up the clean win here. I imagine these two teams can put up a pretty good match here so expect a fun little kick-off match. Usos have been booked strong recently and they are future Tag Champions but now is not their time.

CHRIS JERICHO VS. RYBACK - This is an odd match that really hasn't had that much build and one of the only matches on the card I'm not really looking forward to. Jericho tends to get the best out of most wrestlers so hopefully we can see at least an average match here but I don't expect a whole lot. With Jericho leaving to tour again soon I think Ryback should get the win here to make him look strong again, especially after his poor booking as of late. Maybe even aligning him with Vickie for a win would be a step in the right direction for Ryback's career.

DIVAS CHAMPION AJ LEE VS. KAITLYN - Last month's Divas Championship Match was one of the best divas matches we've seen in a long time and I hope we see something similar here. It would be stupid for AJ to lose the title so soon so I'm almost positive that AJ will retain. Personally I can see Kaitlyn turning heel soon especially after losing this upcoming match. I'm doubtful that this match will beat the Payback Match but hopefully it will be a good watch again.

THE MIZ VS. INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION CURTIS AXEL - Unfortunately I don't see this match being particularly fantastic. I don't see these two as having much chemistry. Curtis Axel has had two losses in the last few TV tapings and he definitely needs to prove himself with a strong clean win here. Although I see Axel cheating to win in some capacity. I would be very shocked if Miz wins the Championship again.

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP CONTRACT MONEY IN THE BANK LADDER MATCH - This is by far the most unpredictable match on the card. Any one man from this Ladder Match could walk away with the briefcase. As this is way too hard to predict I will go with the person I most want to win which is Wade Barrett. He has been close to the main event scene several times but he just needs that one strong push to make him seem like a legitimate contender. That being said Sandow has been booked strong lately, it's no secret Vince is a fan of Fandango, there are definitely people in creative behind Cody and Cesaro. No one can say it definitely won't be Ambrose or Swagger either. Everyone will have their money on a different person here and no one will really know until Sunday. I've been disappointed with the lack of push behind this match as it's really full of talent and one superstar will be elevating their career after this match! I expect a thoroughly good Ladder Match with a lot of spots.

MONEY IN THE BANK ALL-STARS - As of writing we're not sure whether Kane is still in this match or not or if he will be replaced. Whether Kane is here or not this match should be a really good match. There are plenty of superstars here who are accustomed to ladders and we could really get some nice ladder spots out of this match. Although this match is a lot less unpredictable. A lot of people are saying Daniel Bryan will win the briefcase and I definitely agree with them although WWE could easily throw a spanner in the works and give the briefcase to someone else it's highly unlikely I think. A lot of people are really pumped about this match and who can blame them? RVD returns and we're going to have a great match! 

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION ALBERTO DEL RIO VS. DOLPH ZIGGLER - I think this match also has the potential to be a show-stealer (No pun intended) but these two have great talent and a lot of chemistry, I can see these two having at least one more match at SummerSlam but I genuinely see Dolph winning back the title soon, whether that be Sunday or at SummerSlam I'm still undecided. I'm going to just say Del Rio on this one.

WWE CHAMPION JOHN CENA VS. MARK HENRY - I expect this match to be the main event and I'm quite disappointed about that. I really don't think this match will be entertaining at all really. I expect Cena will continue his Championship reign but I don't expect a great match at all here. Expect a pretty poor end to the show.

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